Michiel Schapers

My current​ trainer and coach is Michiel Schapers, himself a former top-20 player in the world on the ATP tour. Michiel has been my coach on and off since I was 16 and with him I won two national championships at U18 in 2014  and at the seniors in 2020. Michiel is also a trainer at the National Tenniscentre of the KNLTB and is my traveling coach for a number of tournaments each year.
I also owe much to Marcel Petitjean, who has been my trainer since I was 8 years old. Marcel still accompanies me occasionally to tournaments and has frequent contact with Michiel on my progress.

Marcel Petitjean

My sponsors

I am very thankful for my sponsors, who make it possible that I can fulfill my dream of becoming a top-100 player on the ATP tour. My main sponsor is Leads.io, my apparel sponsor is Bidi Badu, my rackets were a gift from MijnRacket.nl and TennisXpress has agreed to supply me with all my strings.
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Our Mission

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About Gijs

Gijs was born in 1996 in Houston, Texas where his parents were then living. His stay there was not very long as he moved back to the Netherlands when he was 2 months old. At an early age Gijs was interested in tennis and was soon scouted by Joris Kleinloog and at his tennisschool he was trained and coached by Marcel Petitjean until he was 16 years. From then on he was on and off trained and coached by Michiel Schapers and Marcel together, culminating in two national championships in both single and doubles. Gijs has succesfully  finished his highschool and got his propadeuse at the Johan Cruijff University before becoming a fulltime professional tennisplayer in 2016. His dream is to reach the top-100 ranking on the ATP tour.