Great win over top-100 player Vasek Pospisil in Quimper, FRance

What an incredible match against Vasek Pospisil, the come-back player of 2022, in the first round of the Quimper Challenger 125. It was a very close and tight match, but Gijs pulled through and secured a revanche from the previous years loss against this opponent.

Into the semifinals doubles Canberra

The second match in the doubles was more difficult agianst Hugo Gaston and Luca van Asche, but it was won with 6-4 7-6. On to the semifinals !

In record time towards 6-1 6-1 gain

It took but 38 minutes for Leandro Riedl and Gijs to win their first doubles match together in Canberra. After several hours of rain delay they did not waste any time :-)

Unfortunate loss by faulty call

First match in Canberra was a deception for Gijs as he was robbed of the match in the second set tiebreak by a linesman who did not see that the ball was out. It was a very good match and at a good level. Unfortunately the outcome was dependent on an incompetent linesman. Fortunately there will be hawkeye at the Australian Open.

Flashback to ATP-250 Houston april 2022

Enjoy this repeat of the second round match of Gijs against JJ Wolf at the ATP-250 tournament in Houston, Texas.

Challenger-90 Orleans

The first match againt Jonas Forejtek was an incredible close match. Gijs won with 6-3 5-7 7-6 but the tie-break was unbelievable close and tense. Watch below to see this exiting match.

Challenger-90, Rennes

And in another 3-set match a win in the second round against Clement Chidekh with 7-5 3-6 6-3, which brings him in the quarter final of the tournament.


Difficult first match at the Rennes Challenger-90 against German qualifier Max Hans Rehberg. Gijs did finally win 6-7 6-4 6-4. Great play from both sides and very haopy with the win.