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Challenger 100 in Noumea

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Gijs is very happy to start the year 2024 with a win at the Challenger-100 in Noumea. He is also happy with his new apparel sponsor ONCOURTSPORT and his new racket sponsor Babolat.

The first good week of the year ended in the semifinals at the Open Siva Challenger-100 in Noumea New-Caledonia.

All the matches can be seen and enjoyed at the following link: Open SIFA Nouvelle-CalĂ©donie Court N'Godrela COUACAUD, ENZO - CAZAUX, ARTHUR | * (Player Id) | ATP Tour | Tennis

Gijs in Davis Cup team

Gijs Davis Cup team

Gijs is very happy to be part of the Davis Cup team. It is a great honor to represent your country.


Clinic at TPV Hoorn

Gijs gave a demonstration and a clinic at the Parent/children tournament of his old club TPV Hoorn. He is a huge inspriration for the young tennisplayer who can see that with the right amount of work and dedication it is possible to reach the top in whatever you want to do. It was very well visited by spectators and players. Thanks also to Vincent and Nathaniel for sparring with me and Joris (Tennisschool ALL-IN) for organising the event.

Gijs also did a virtual opening of the new hardcourt tenniscourts at Sportcentrum Hoorn. They are US Open style courts and Gijs will be able to practice there as well.

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Exiting match against Alexander Zwerev

Marleen Fouchier Photography has made some very impressive photo's of the match against Alexander Zwerev in the first round main draw of Wimbledon 2023. Although Gijs lost 4-6 6-7 6-7 he played a extremely good match against a very good opponent. When he left the court he received a standing ovation from the public who enjoyed the match. Look at the photo's of Marleen and enjoy it one more time.

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